Quiz on Indian Politics - Set 9

The 2010 fake housing loan in India was uncovered by CBI.

A) True
B) False

How many schedules are there in Indian constitution?

A) 9
B) 10
C) 11
D) 12

The major part of the Indian subcontinent was under British rule from ....

A) 1756 to 1947
B) 1757 to 1947
C) 1767 to 1947
D) 1758 to 1947

The Indian Independence Act which was passed by the British Parliament on ........, divided British India into two new independent states: India and Pakistan.

A) 18 July 1947
B) 15 August 1947
C) 26 Jan 1947
D) 18 June 1947

In 2007, authorities began investigating ........ for suspicion of money laundering. He stashed away billions into Swiss bank accounts with the help of the Kolkata based businessman, Kashinath Tapuria via hawala channel.

A) Pratibha Khan
B) Kumar Kaishiv
C) Ali Haider
D) Hasan Ali Khan

26 Nov 1949 is also known as .........

A) National Job Day
B) National Law Day
C) National Labour Day
D) National AIDS Day

The Jan Lokpal Bill is also known as the Citizen's Ombudsman Bill.

A) True
B) False

In ......., Mr. Manmohan Singh and his coalition government won an unexpectedly broad re-election victory.

A) 2007
B) 2008
C) 2009
D) 2010

........ was involved in Telecom scam of 1996.

A) A. Raja
B) P V Narasimha Rao
C) D Martha
D) Sukh Ram

There are ........ fundamental rights recognized by the constitution of India.

A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8