Quality Center Questions 10

91) Using Quality Center Test Lab module, executing tests also consists of ....
A) Run Tests Automatically
B) Run Tests Manually
C) Both A and B
D) None of above

92) You can access the Test Lab menu bar from the Test Lab module by pressing the shortcut key......
A) F6
B) F7
C) F8
D) F9

93) The Test Lab module includes the following toolbars:
A) Test Set and Select Tests
B) Test Select and Set Tests
C) Set Test and Tests Select
D) None of above

94) In the Test Lab Module, in Execution Grid Columns, the column Exec Date means
A) The date on which the test was first executed.
B) The date on which the test was last executed
C) The date on which the test was executed
D) The date on which the test will be executed in future

95) You can add user-defined fields and change the label of any of the fields in the Execution Grid.
A) True
B) False

96) You can organize test execution by creating ........
A) test modules
B) test flows
C) test beds
D) test sets

97) While creating test sets, after you design tests in the Test Plan module, you create a ..........
A) test sets tree
B) test sets flow
C) test sets grid
D) test sets rows

98) By default, the uppermost level in a test sets tree is the ..........
A) Level 0 folder
B) Top folder
C) Highest level folder
D) Root folder

99) You can also use the ............. in the Test Instance Properties dialog box (Changing the Default Failure Rules for Specific Tests) to set the on failure rules for a test in a test set.
A) Run Events view
B) Run Events Grid
C) Run Events menu
D) Run Events module

100) You can also drag the test sets between lists.
A) True
B) False