Quality Center Questions 5

41) By default, Quality Center sends e-mail in HTML format. To send e-mail as plain text instead, edit the ……. parameter in the Site Configuration tab in Site Administration.

42) You can copy a requirement within the same project or between projects. Which of the below items are copied at the time of copying a requirement.
A) Test coverage.
B) defect linkage.
C) risk-based quality management data
D) All of above
E) None of above

43) You can also move a requirement to a new location in the requirements tree by dragging it..
A) True
B) False

44) You can delete a requirement from the Requirements module. Deleting a requirement does not delete its child requirements, tests coverage, requirement traceability links, and defects linkage..
B) False

45) There are two methods you can use to create tests from requirements:
A) Convert Requirements to Tests & Generate a Test from Requirements
B) Convert Requirements to Tests & Convert a Test from Requirements
C) Convert Requirements to Tests & Generate a Requirement from Tests
D) Convert a Test from Requirements & Generate Requirements to Tests

46) When analyzing the impact of a change proposed in a specific requirement, the traceability links indicate the other ...... that the change might affect.
A) tests
B) requirements
C) tests & requirements
D) None

47) ...... links indicate requirements that affect a selected requirement. .....links indicate requirements that are affected by a selected requirement.
A) Trace from, Trace to
B) Trace to, Trace from
C) From trace, To trace
D) None of above

48) When a requirement changes, Quality Center alerts the affected requirements. The alerts can be seen by.......
A) Author of the requirement
B) users authorized by the Author of the requirement
C) all users
D) Administrator

49) while Defining Traceability Relationships, You cannot add a requirement traceability link by dragging a requirement from the requirements tree to the appropriate grid..
A) True
B) False

50) While viewing Traceability Impact, the Impact Analysis tab helps you understand the many associations and dependencies that exist between the ........ by displaying them in a hierarchical tree structure.
A) Tests
B) Requirements
C) Both
D) None