Quality Center Questions 7

61) During Requirement Risks calculation, the ..... displays the requirements for which you did not determine a Risk Category or exclude explicitly from the analysis
A) missing assessment link
B) missing assessment field
C) missing assessment value
D) missing assessment relation

62) A good test plan enables you to assess the quality of your application ....... in the testing process.
A) at the beginning
B) at the end
C) at the point
D) at the middle

63) Which of the item is not a part of "Developing a test plan" in QC.
A) Design Test Steps
B) Design Tests
C) Automate Tests
D) Define Testing Policy Settings

64) You can access the Test Plan menu bar from the Test Plan module by pressing the shortcut key .....
A) F7
B) F9
C) F12
D) F11

65) To find a specific test by Test ID in the Test Grid, choose ......, and enter the test ID
A) Test > Go to Test
B) Test > find Test
C) Test > search Test
D) Test > link Test

66) In relation to a test plan module, You can add user-defined fields and change the label of any of the fields in the Test Grid
A) True,
B) False

67) You can use the ..... to restrict and dynamically change the fields and values in the Test Grid.
A) text editor
B) script editor
C) scriptor editor
D) scripts editor

68) The typical application is too large to test as a whole. The Test Plan module enables you to divide your application according to ........
A) functionality
B) requirements
C) test plans
D) test modules

69) During the testing process, you may need to modify your test plan. You can update the test plan tree ......
A) at the beginning
B) at the end
C) at any time
D) in the middle

70) Developing and editing a test plan tree requires appropriate user ......
A) IDs
B) requirements
C) permissions
D) passwords