Quality Center Questions 9

81) Test coverage is created automatically when you generate a requirement from a test.
A) True
B) False

82) In the Requirements module, you can use the ........ view to examine the status of your requirements.
A) Coverage Analysis
B) Coverage Breakdown
C) Requirements Status
D) Coverage Status

83) By default, coverage is available only for the following requirement types: ......
A) Functional, Testing, and Defined.
B) Functional, Testing, and Undefined.
C) Functional, System, and Undefined.
D) Functional, Review, and Undefined.

84) You can create design steps for ..........
A) manual and
B) automated tests
D) Both A and B

85) To increase the flexibility and power of a test, you can add ........to the called test and to the tests that call it.
A) Input Values
B) Output Values
C) Parameters
D) None of above

86) You do not need to set a test as a template test to be able to call it or to add parameters. Marking a test as a template test is used for filtering purposes only.
A) True,
B) False

87) If you do not assign values to parameters when creating a test call, you are prompted to do so when you call this test from another test, when you add your test to a test set, or when you run your test.
A) True
B) False

88) You can navigate between steps in the Design Step Editor using shortcut keys. Use ...... to access the first step.

89) While generating automated test scripts, what does WR-AUTOMATED automated test type means.
A) A test that is created by Winrunner
B) A test that is executed by Winrunner
C) A test that is deleted by Winrunner
D) None of above

90) To run a system test, you must install the System Execute Remote Agent Add-in and the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in on the machine where the test is to be run.

A) True
B) False