QTP Questions 12 - Object Repository

122) You can import and export object repositories from and to .... files.

123) In general, the ....... object repository is easiest to use when you are creating simple record and run tests.
A) Shared
B) Local
C) Both
D) None

124) The Object Repository automation object model enables you to manipulate QuickTest ....... object repositories and their contents from outside of QuickTest.
A) Shared
B) Local
C) Both
D) None

125) Before using the Object Repository automation object model to manipulate shared object repository stored in Quality Center, you must download the shared object repository and save it to the file system.
A) True
B) False

126) SetTOProperty changes the property values used to identify an object during the test run. It also effects the values saved in the Object Repository for the object.
A) True
B) False

127) After creating or editing an object repository XML file, it is recommended to use the QuickTest ..........functionality to verify that your file conforms to the QuickTest object repository schema.
A) Schema Verification
B) Schema Validation
C) XML Validation
D) XML Verification

128) To display the Comment in the Object Repository dialog box, you must use the attribute name .........
A) miccommentproperty
B) commentproperty
C) mic_comment_property
D) None of above

129) ObjectRepositoryUtil Object Enables you to manipulate .....object repository files from outside of QuickTest Professional.
A) Shared
B) Local
C) Both
D) None

130) You can use the Object Repository Merge Tool to merge objects from ......
A) two shared object repositories into a single shared object repository.
B) the local object repository of one or more actions or components into a shared object repository.
C) Both A & B
D) None

131) GetTOProperty method returns the value of a specified property for a test object from the Object Repository.
A) True
B) False

132) The new Object Repository Comparison Tool is accessible from the Object Repository Manager. You can use this tool to identify the differences between objects in ........
A) two specified shared object repository files.
B) a Shared and a Local object repository files.
C) either Shared or Local object repository files.
D) two specified Local object repository files.

133) You can use the objects and methods of the QuickTest .................... to write scripts that automatically manipulate object repositories, instead of performing these operations manually using the Object Repository Manager.
A) Automation object model
B) Object Repository automation object model
C) Object Repository model
D) Object Repository Script Object model

134) You must convert object repository files from QuickTest Professional 8.2.1 or earlier to the current format before you can use them in QuickTest Professional 9.0 or later. Which method lets you do so.
A) Conversion method
B) Converge method
C) Convert method
D) None

135) You open the Object Repository window for a specific component by choosing ..........
A) Resources > Object Repository
B) Tools > Object Repository
C) File > Object Repository
D) Help > Object Repository

136) In QTP 9 or above, Test objects can be stored in two types of object repositories—........
A) a shared object repository and a Per-Action object repository.
B) a shared object repository and a local object repository.
C) a shared object repository and a Action object repository.
D) Both A & C

137) The Object Repository Manager enables you to open ...... shared object repositories and modify them as needed
A) multiple
B) three
C) two
D) Seven

138) ........ Method Loads the specified object repository.
A) Overload
B) Load
C) Both A & B
D) None

139) An object repository that is currently open by another user is locked, is it possible to merge a locked object repository.
A) Yes
B) No

140) You can manage the shared object repository associations of a selected test using the ............
A) Associate Repositories dialog box
B) Object Repositories dialog box
C) Associate Repositories Manager dialog box
D) Object Repositories Manager dialog box

141) All changes you make to an object repository are automatically updated in all components open on the same computer that use the object repository as soon as you make the change—even if you have not yet saved the object repository with your changes.
A) True
B) False

142) If you want to modify an object stored in a shared object repository, you can modify it.......
A) using the Object Repository Manager
B) you can modify it locally using the Object Repository window.
C) Both A & B
D) None of above

143) ................ Returns an ObjectRepositories collection representing all object repository files associated with the action.
A) Object Property
B) Automation Object Model
C) ObjectRepositories Property
D) OR Property