QTP Questions 16 - Descriptive Programming in QTP

1) Programmatic description can be very useful if you want to perform an operation on an object that is stored in the object repository.

A) True
B) False

2) There are two types of programmatic descriptions:

A) Static & Dynamic
B) Statement & Dynamic
C) Step & Dynamic
D) Standard & Dynamic

3) You can also use programmatic descriptions to perform the same operation on several objects with certain identical properties, or to perform an operation on an object whose properties match a description that you determine dynamically during the run session.

A) True
B) False

4) QuickTest evaluates all property values in programmatic descriptions as regular expressions

A) True
B) False

5) From the below 4 statements which one is invalid:

A) Browser("Title:=Mercury Tours").Page("Title:=Mercury Tours").WebEdit("Name:=Author", "Index:=3").Set "Amit Kumar"
B) Browser("Index").Page(Desc1).Link(docu3)
C) Browser("Mercury Tours").Page("Title:=Mercury Tours").WebEdit("Name:=Author", "Index:=3").Set "Amit Kumar"
D) Browser("Title:=Mercury Tours").Page("Title:=Mercury Tours").WebEdit("Author").Set "Amit Kumar"

6) When using programmatic descriptions from a specific point within a test object hierarchy, you must continue to use programmatic descriptions from that point onward within the same statement.

A) True
B) False

7) You can run any application from a specified location using a ..... statement.

A) Start.Application
B) System.UtilRun
C) SystemUtil.Run
D) SystemUtii.RUn

8) When creating a programmatic description for an ActiveX test object and the relevant run-time object is windowless (has no window handle associated with it), you must add the ........ property to the description and set its value to True.

A) Window Handle
B) WindowLess
C) Winless
D) None

9) You can compare the run-time value of a specified object property with the expected value of that property using either programmatic descriptions or user-defined functions.

A) True
B) False

10) When you specify an application to open using the Record and Run Settings dialog box, QuickTest adds a SystemUtil.Run statement to your test.

A) True
B) False

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