LoadRunner Questions - 2

The three tabs in the Launcher window of a Loadrunner 9.10 are

A) Load Testing, Diagnostics, Help
B) Load Testing, Launcher, What's New
C) Load Testing, Diagnostics, What's New
D) LoadRunner, Diagnostics, What's New

By default, the Controller displays the

A) Running Vusers, Transaction Response Time, Hits per Second
B) Running Vusers, Transaction Response Time, Windows Resources graphs.
C) Transaction Response Time, Hits per Second, Windows Resources graphs.
D) Running Vusers, Transaction Response Time, Hits per Second, Windows Resources graphs.

Transaction Response Time - whole scenario graph lets you monitor

A) the amount of time it takes for each transaction to be completed
B) the Windows resource usage measured during a scenario
C) the number of hits (HTTP requests) on the Web server made by Vusers
D) Transactions

The Error Statistics graph provides details about the ......

A) number of errors
B) the time at which they occurred during the scenario
C) Both A & B
D) None

Advanced users can record several protocols during a single recording session in a ...... script.

A) multi-user
B) multi-protocol
C) multi-action
D) Both A & C

The ...... lists each step or task in the script creation process.

A) Task pane
B) Instruction Pane
C) Tool bars
D) Graphs

The recording summary includes the protocol information and a list of the actions created during the session.

A) True
B) False

Script view is a text-based view that lists the actions of the Vuser as .....

A) API functions
B) C functions
C) ANSI C functions
D) Both A & B

In LoadRunner Run-Time settings Run Logic means:

A) the number of repetitions
B) the time to wait between repetitions
C) the time the user stops to think between steps
D) None of above

VuGen’s run-time playback feature displays the Vuser activities in real time as you playback the recorded script.

A) True
B) False