LoadRunner Questions 3

........ saves the dynamic (changing) values, in our case the session ID, to a parameter.

A) Correction
B) Correlation
C) CoSave
D) Both B & C

The way to mark a user step as a transaction is to place a begin transaction marker before the first step of the transaction and an end transaction marker after the last step.

A) True
B) False

A ......... verifies that expected information appears on a Web page while the script is running.

A) Content Checker
B) Content Check
C) Check Content
D) Both A & C

A ..... Scenario gives you control over the number of running Vusers and the times at which they run, and lets you test how many Vusers your application can run simultaneously.

A) Manual
B) Goal-oriented
C) Vuser
D) none

Initialization means preparing the Vusers and the load generators for a load test run by running the ....... action in the script.

A) vuser_initiation
B) vuserinit
C) vuser_init
D) init_vuser

Two types of content checks:

A) text check & bitmap check
B) time check & image check
C) text check & image check
D) Content check & image check

Run Time setting Browser Emulation is used by:

A) users using different browsers to see their application’s performance
B) users to set the time to wait before repeating the action
C) users using different network connections such as modem, DSL, and cable
D) None

The ..... tab in the Controller window is the control center from which the
test is managed and monitored.

A) Ready
B) Scenario
C) Load
D) Run

You use the Controller’s online graphs to view performance data collected by the monitors.

A) True
B) False

The Throughout graph shows the amount of data (measured in bytes) that the Vusers receive from the server at any given second.

A) True
B) False