LoadRunner Questions 4

When emulating users, you should be able to view their actions in real time and make sure they are performing the right steps. The Controller lets you view the actions in real time using the ...... viewer.

A) run-time
B) real-time
C) run-action
D) view-time

To check the progress of an individual Vuser during a running test, you can view a ...... containing a text summary of the Vuser’s actions.

A) login file
B) logged file
C) log_view file
D) log file

The Vuser log will only contain information if you enabled the logging feature in the Run-Time Settings Log tab.

A) True
B) False

If an application starts to fail under heavy load, you are likely to encounter errors and failed transactions. The Controller displays error messages in the ..... window.

A) Error
B) Main
C) Output
D) Input

To see how well the application performed under load, you need to look at the transaction response time and determine whether the transaction was within an acceptable limit for the customer.

A) True
B) False

LoadRunner provides you with ...... different types of goals in a goaloriented scenario.

A) four
B) nine
C) three
D) five

When you design a load test scenario, you can define ....... for the performance metrics.

A) goals
B) service level agreements (SLAs)
C) scripts
D) Both A & C
E) Both A & B

Users do not log on and off the system at precisely the same time. To emulate real users, LoadRunner provides the capability in the ....... tab (In the Edit Scenario Goal dialog box,) for users to gradually log on and off the system.

A) Load Goal
B) Load Behavior
C) Load_Goal
D) Goal Load

The Hits per Second graph shows the number of hits (HTTP requests) made to the Web server by Vusers during each second of the scenario run.

A) True
B) False

It is very important to watch transaction response time to see the response times your customers will have when the server is under load.

A) True
B) False