LoadRunner Questions 5

The aim of the analysis session is to find the failures in your system’s performance and then pinpoint the source of these failures.

A) True
B) False

Analysis contains three primary windows

A) Properties Explorer, Properties window, Properties Viewing Area
B) Session Explorer, Properties window, Graph Viewing Area
C) Intranet Explorer, Properties window, Graphics Viewing Area
D) Graph Explorer, Properties window, Graph Viewing Area

Service Level Agreements are specific goals that you define for your load test scenario

A) True
B) False

SLAs can be defined before running a scenario in the Analysis, or after running a scenario in Controller itself.

A) True
B) False

The preferred place to define an SLA is before a scenario run in the Controller.

A) True
B) False

While Analysing your scenario, in the Statistics Summary section, you can see that a maximum of .... Vusers ran in this test.

A) 70
B) 71
C) 72
D) 75

The 5 Worst Transactions table shows you up to the .... worst performing transactions where SLAs were defined.

A) fifteen
B) ten
C) three
D) five

The Scenario Behavior Over Time section shows how each transaction performed during different time intervals. The green squares show time intervals where the transaction performed within the SLA threshold, red squares where the transaction failed, and ..... squares where no relevant SLA was defined.

A) Pink
B) Yellow
C) Grey
D) White

While Analysing your scenario, You can access available graphs from the ...........

A) Session Explorer.
B) Section Explorer.
C) Session ID Explorer.
D) Graph Explorer

You can join two graphs together to see the effect of the one graph’s data upon the other graph’s data. This is called ....... two graphs.

A) correlating
B) combining
C) Composing
D) Correcting