LoadRunner Questions 7

Successful load testing requires that you develop a thorough .......

A) test case
B) test script
C) test plan
D) test guide

A scenario includes a list of machines on which Vusers run, a list of scripts that the Vusers run, and a specified number of Vusers or Vuser groups that run during the scenario.

A) True
B) False

You can also create a scenario using the ......., in which you define the total number of Vusers to be used in the scenario, and the load generators and percentage of the total number of Vusers to be assigned to each Vuser script.

A) Percentage Mode
B) LoadRunner Agent
C) performance analyser
D) COntroller

For Web tests, you can create a ....... scenario, in which you define the goals you want your test to achieve. LoadRunner automatically builds a scenario for you, based on these goals.

A) goal-based
B) goal-oriented
C) goal-test
D) goal-script

You can measure network and server response time, including response time of the GUI front end, by running Vusers (not GUI) on the client machine.

A) True
B) False

You can use LoadRunner to create ....... on the system: force the system to handle extended activity in a compressed time period to simulate the kind of activity a system would normally experience over a period of weeks or months.

A) Load
B) Stress
C) Volume
D) None

By default, the Controller opens with the New Scenario dialog box.

A) False
B) True

You can select one of two methods to create a scenario: ........

A) Manual Scenario
B) Goal-Oriented Scenario
C) Automated Scenario
D) Both A & C
E) Both A & B

You can change the maximum number of scripts displayed in the Available Scripts list by modifying the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\RecentScripts\.........

A) maximum_num_of_scripts
B) max_num_of_scripts
C) max_number_of_scripts
D) max_num_of_script

While selecting the script or scripts that you want to use in your scenario, for choosing a VB Vuser script, browse to locate the .....,......... file.

A) .vsr
B) .tsr
C) .qsr
D) .usr
E) Both A & D