QTP Questions 24 - Add-in

You can install the QuickTest...... add-ins (Web, ActiveX, Visual Basic) when you install QuickTest Professional, or you can install the QuickTest built-in add-ins at a later time by running the installation again.

A) internal
B) external
C) built-in
D) All of above

Add-ins that are installed separately from the QuickTest Professional installation are referred to as ....... add-ins.

A) internal
B) external
C) built-in
D) built-out

When QuickTest opens, you can choose which of the installed add-ins you want to load using the QuickTest Professional - ...... dialog box.

A) Add-In Window
B) Add-In
C) Add-In Manager
D) Add-In Management

Installing and Loading an Add-in is one and the same thing.

A) True
B) False

You can install Add-in Upgrade patches by running the relevant patch executable from the \...... folder.

A) AddinsUpdate
B) AddinsUpgrade
C) Addins_upgrade
D) Both A & B

In Add-in Manager dialog box, Time-Limited column displays values only when using a QuickTest seat license — not a concurrent license.

A) True
B) False

You can view the list of add-ins that are currently installed or loaded by choosing ...................

A) File > Settings
B) Tools > Options and click the General tab.
C) Help > About QuickTest Professional.
D) both A & B

To maximize performance and object identification reliability, load all the add-ins.

A) True
B) False

The add-in is displayed as Not Licensed in the License column of the Add-in Manager dialog box:

A) If an add-in license has not yet been installed for a specific external add-in.
B) if no concurrent license server within your subnet has a registered license for the specific add-in
C) if all concurrent licenses are in use
D) All of Above

You can use only one license type per session for QuickTest Professional and all loaded add-ins-either seat or concurrent.

A) True
B) False