QTP Questions 27 - Object Repository - 2

If an object with the same name and description is located in both the local object repository and in a shared object repository that is associated with the same action, the action uses the ...... object definition.

A) shared
B) local
C) Can use any
D) None of above.

You cannot use the same shared object repository with multiple actions.

A) True
B) False

If one or more of the property values of an object in your application differ from the property values QuickTest uses to identify the object, your test ..... fail.

A) may
B) must
C) should
D) will certainly

You can open as many shared object repositories as you want.

A) True
B) False

You can also open an object repository from the .......... in the File menu.

A) Recent Folders list
B) Current Files list
C) Recent Files list
D) Both A & c

QuickTest saves the object repository with a ..... extension in the specified location

A) .vsr
B) .tsr
C) .lsr
D) .qsr

If you opened the object repository in ...... mode, you must enable editing for the object repository before you can modify it.

A) read-write mode
B) read-execute mode
C) read-write-execute mode
D) read-only mode

You can also modify a shared object repository by merging it with another shared object repository.

A) True
B) False

You can also add objects to a shared object repository using the ....... option.

A) Navigate and Learn
B) Navigate and earn
C) Navigate
D) Navigate and Click

While Finding Objects in an Object Repository, You can use the Find and Replace dialog box to replace property or object names.

A) True
B) False