QTP Questions 31 - Maintenance Run Mode

As QuickTest runs in Maintenance Run Mode, it identifies discrepancies between the objects in the repository and those in your .......

A) Function
B) Action1
C) application
D) Both A & B

In Maintenance Run Mode, the run ..... each time an object is not found.

A) Resumes
B) Stops
C) pauses
D) None

When you run a test in Maintenance Mode, the ........ opens for steps that failed because an object was not found in the application.

A) Maintenance Wizard
B) Maintenance Run wizard
C) Maintenance Run option
D) Maintenance Work Wizard

When the Maintenance Run Mode ends, Maintenance Mode wizard provides a summary of the changes it made to your test.

A) True
B) False

You can run in Maintenance Run Mode only when QuickTest is set to use the ..... run mode.

A) Maintenance
B) Low Level
C) Analog
D) Normal

You can run in Maintenance Run Mode on applications that do not have a user interface, such as Web services.

A) True
B) False

You must have the Microsoft Script Debugger installed to run the tests in Maintenance Mode.

A) True
B) False

The Add Comment screen enables you to add a comment to your test or component ..... the current step.

A) After
B) before
C) At Last
D) Both A & C

The Add Object to Repository screen opens if the object to which you pointed .... in any associated object repository.

A) is not added
B) exist
C) does not exist
D) is added

Maintenance Mode makes changes to the .... object repository only.

A) Shared
B) Local
C) Both
D) None