QTP Questions 34 - Reporter Object

The object used for sending information to the test results is....

A) ReporterEvent
B) Reporter
C) both A & B
D) None of above

Reporter object is an utility object

A) True
B) False

ReportEvent Method .......

A) Reports an event to the Quality Center
B) Reports an event to the Excel Sheet
C) Reports an event to the test results.
D) Reports an event to the Business Process Testing.

ReportEvent method's EventStatus argument has the following predefined constants: (click all answers that apply)

A) 0 or micPass
B) 1 or micFail
C) 2 or micDone
D) 3 or micWarning
E) 4 or micError

.........Retrieves the run status at the current point of the run session.

A) RunStatuses
B) RunStatus
C) Run_Status
D) Run-Status

The following example uses the RunStatus property to retrieve the status of the run session at a specific point and exit the action if the test status is .......
If Reporter.RunStatus = 1 Then ExitAction

A) Pass
B) Fail
C) Error
D) Warning

.................Retrieves or sets the current mode for displaying events in the Test Results

A) Filters
B) RFilter
C) R.Filter
D) Filter

You can use ...... property to completely disable or enable reporting of steps

A) enable
B) disable
C) filter
D) enable-disable

How would you insert result for a step in Test Results

A) Reporter.Reports micPass, "step", "details"
B) Reporter.ReportEvent micPass, "step", "details"
C) Reporter.PassEvent , "step", "details"
D) Reporter.Event.Report micPass, "step", "details"

.....................Retrieves the folder path in which the current test's results are stored

A) Reporter.Report.Path
B) Reporter.ReportsPath
C) Reporter.ReportPath
D) Reporter.Report_Path