CSTE Certification Dump-2

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 3

21. Any program can be represented by a graph.

A) True
B) False

22. McCabe uses a property of graph theory in defining ................

A) cyclomatic complexity
B) Coverage-Based test cases
C) Test Cases Complexity
D) Both A & C

23. ......... method rests on the competent programmer hypothesis that states that a program written by a competent programmer will be, after debugging and testing, "almost correct."

A) Variable Analysis
B) Statistical Analyses
C) Error Seeding
D) Mutation Analysis

24. Data flow analysis is used to discover program anomalies such as undefined or unreferenced variables.

A) False
B) True

25. ........ technique also is a powerful way of deriving test data.

A) Runthrough
B) Walkthrough
C) Simulation
D) None of Above

26. reviews are not an efficient method of educating a large number of people on a specific product/project in a relatively short period of time.

A) False
B) True

27. Following are the types of review done in an organization:

A) Final Design Review
B) Secondary Review
C) Preliminary Design Review
D) System Design Review

28. the walkthrough and inspection procedures should be performed on the code produced during the construction stage.

A) True
B) False

29. Which of the following statement is False:

A) Walkthroughs differ from inspections in that the programmer does not narrate a reading of the product by the team, but provides test data and leads the team through a manual simulation of the system.
B) Walkthroughs can be replaced by testing.
C) Most errors are discovered through questioning the developer's decisions at various stages, rather than through the application of the test data.

30. In most instances, ........ is used more as a debugging technique than a testing technique.

A) inspections
B) testing
C) review
D) desk checking