CSTE Certification Dumps-3

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 4

31 ....... test technique, which is often used during early integration testing, demonstrates key functional capabilities by testing a string of units that accomplish a specific function in the application.

A) Thread
B) Wire
C) Thin
D) bottom up

32. All techniques for determining coverage metrics may not neccesarily be based on graph representations of programs.

A) True
B) False

33. There are two types of incremental testing:

A) Top down
B) Serial
C) Parallel
D) Bottom up

34. ........ execution is a method of symbolically defining data that forces program paths to be executed.

A) Match
B) Symbolic
C) Path
D) None of Above

35. In case of Data Flow Analysis, A variable is unreferenced when its value is no longer determinable from the program flow.

A) True
B) False

36. To completely test the program structure, the test data chosen should cause the execution of ....... paths.

A) > 50%
B) > 60%
C) 90%
D) All

37. Without adequate management support testing is rarely performed effectively.

A) True
B) False

38. Policies provide direction, standards are the rules or measures by which the implemented policies are measured, and the procedures are the means used to meet or comply with the standards.

A) True
B) False

39. The following aspects of test work processes are critical to the success of the testing activity:

A) The importance of work processes
B) The responsibilities
C) all of above

40. Role of Process Engineering Manager

A) Promote the concept of process engineering
B) Be the driving force behind processes.
C) Administer the standards program defined by the Process Engineering Committee.
D) Ensure involved parties are adequately trained.
E) all of above