CSTE Certification Dumps-4

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 5

41. There are many reasons why a test group may want to perform an analysis of the test process.

A) Effectiveness and efficiency of test processes
B) The test objectives are applicable, reasonable, adequate, feasible, and affordable
C) The test program meets the test objectives
D) All of above

42. ........ means that the testers completed their assigned responsibilities. As previously stated, this should be completion of the activities included in the test plan. ........ is the amount of resources and time required to complete test responsibilities.

A) Effectiveness, Assurance
B) Effectiveness, Efficiency
C) Efficiency, Effectiveness
D) Assurance, Efficiency

43. The test objectives may not be incorporated into the test plan.

A) True
B) False

44. The reasons test objectives may not achieved by testers:

A) Testers do not have the needed competencies to meet the test objectives
B) Test tools are costly.
C) Test objectives are not objectives that should be assigned to testers, such as whether the software is appropriately aligned to the corporate business objectives.
D) The test objectives overlook what would reasonably be incorporated into software testing, such as identifying implemented functionality not requested by the user of the software.

45. Failure to plan, or follow the plan limits the ability of the software testers to determine whether or not the written or implied test objectives have been achieved.

A) True
B) False

46. During development and execution of testing, testers produce many different test products. Among these are .........

A) risk analysis reports
B) the test plan
C) test modules
D) test data specifications

47. Two processes must be in place in order to manage testing and assess the adequacy of testing. One of them is

A) monitoring process
B) acquiring process
C) testing process
D) wetting process

48. The key indicators, which are needed to assure that testing is performed in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

A) Budget status
B) Schedule status
C) Requirements tested correctly
D) Requirements tested but not correct
E) all of above

49. A testing process assessment is one excellent way to determine the status of your current test process.

A) True
B) False

50. One of the most commonly identified weaknesses in software testing has been the lack of ....., and without facts there is no reason to take action (improvement).

A) tools
B) metrics
C) confidence
D) None of Abve