CSTE Certification Dumps-5

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 6

51. In the initial days of software development, testing was considered a phase of development. The testing phase began after software was developed. However, that proved to be a very costly approach as ......

A) the resources were insufficient
B) the iteration rate was high
C) the cost of correcting defects rose significantly as the development process proceeded
D) All of Above

52. The test process is in fact a mirror image of the development process.

A) True
B) False

53. It is not difficult to effectively test the product if you don’t know how the product was developed.

A) True
B) False

54. The V methodology is mostly associated with ........... It develops two processes: one for building the system and one for the system.

A) Installing
B) Reviewing
C) testing
D) None of Above

55. There are many tools available to support the testing process including ....

A) Checklists
C) Selenium
D) All of above

56. The activities associated with the introduction of tools should not include these activities(choose one):

A) Identifying the goals to be met by the tool
B) Approving a detailed tool acquisition plan that defines the resource requirements for procurement and in-house activities.
C) Approving the procurement of tools and training
D) Using the same tool for development activities

57. Typical goals of automation tool can be:

A) Learning an automation tool
B) Achieve complete interchangeability of test data sets
. C) Reduce the average test time by one-fifth.
D) Both b & c

58. Budgets and schedules for not so important parts when deciding about buying automation tool introduction.

A) True
B) False

b 59. Kind of tools we have for automation are:

A) Automated Regression Testing Tools
B) Performance/Load Testing Tools
C) Defect Management Tools
D) Review Management Tools

60. ....... that can indicate the amount of code that has been executed during testing. Some of these tools can also identify non-entrant code.

A) Test Coverage
B) Code Coverage
C) Apart Coverage
D) Both a & b