CSTE Certification Dumps-6

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 7

61. if a tester today was testing Cobol programs, and that tester had no other skill sets than testing Cobol programs, the probability of long-term employment in testing is minimal.

A) True
B) False

62. The five key tasks for test project administration are the planning, ........, scheduling, staffing, and customization of the test process if needed.

A) patrolling
B) controlling
C) budgeting
D) costing

63. The following budgeting techniques are used in testing:

A) Top-Down Estimation
B) Expert Judgment
C) Bottom-Up Estimation
D) All of above

64. The following types of models are used to estimate cost

A) Cost Models
B) Constraint Models
C) Function Pin Points Model

65. A cost baseline is the comparison of the estimate versus actual cost.

A) True
B) False

66. In simple terms, scheduling answers these questions:

A) What tasks will be done?
B) Who will do them?
C) When will they do them?
D) All of above

67. A .......... groups test project components into deliverable and accountable pieces.

A) tracibility matrices
B) work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
C) test procedure
D) test subject

68. The customization process may not include:

A) Adding new test tasks
B) Deleting some test tasks currently in the test process
C) Changing the whole testing process
D) Adding or deleting test tools

69. There are categories of communication skills that are important for supervisors including

A) Written and oral communication
B) Testing Skills
C) Interviewing Skills
D) Analyzing Skills

70. The primary purpose of interviewing is fact-finding

A) True
B) False