CSTE Certification Dumps-7

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 8

71. Which of the following is not a guideline for conducting meeting:

A) Specific objectives to accomplish at the meeting must be defined
B) A consensus process should be used to develop conclusions, actions to be taken, as a result of the meeting
C) Specific responsibilities may not be assigned to complete the actions
D) Minutes of the meeting should be disseminated to the attendees within a reasonable period of time after the meeting concludes

72. A test plan should be viewed as a contract between the testers and the ........ in the software system.

A) Managers
B) stakeholders
C) Customers
D) Owners

73. The conditions that cause repetition of errors include:

A) Inadequate checks on entry of master information
B) Insufficient program testing
C) Failure to monitor the results of processing
D) All of Above

74. One of the major failures of system development has been a communication failure between users and project personnel.

A) True
B) False

75. The types of conditions that can cause incorrect entry of data include:

A) Human errors in keying data
B) Climatic conditions
C) Misinterpretation of characters or meaning of manually recorded input
D) Filter test entry procedures

76. Exhaustive testing is not impractical for most applications under development.

A) True
B) False

77. Some of the primary testing risks include:

A) Not Enough Training/Lack of Test Competency
B) Lack of Management Understanding and Support of Testing
C) Not Enough Schedule or Budget for Testing
D) Lack of Email skills

78. Premature release is defined as releasing the software into production under the following conditions:

A) The requirements were implemented incorrectly
B) Releasing software before release date
C) The test plan has not been completed
D) Defects uncovered in testing have not been corrected

79. ........ is a totality of activities that are used to minimize both the frequency and the impact associated with risks.

A) Controlling
B) Risk management
C) Practice of Checks
D) Testing

80. The role of testers is to evaluate the adequacy of the contingency plans associated with risk. This may not be a part of the test plan and the testing process.

A) True
B) False