CSTE Certification Dumps-8

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 9

81. Which of the below is not a constraint:

A) test staff size
B) test schedule
C) Meetings
D) budget
E) limited access to hardware facilities for test purposes

82. The test plan should be an evolving document. As the developmental effort changes in scope, the test plan must change accordingly.

A) True
B) False

83. The tests in the test plan should be .............when executed:

A) repeatable
B) according to budgets
C) ensure adequate test coverage
D) controllable

84. Effective testing cannot occur if .......... cannot be tested to determine if requirements are implemented correctly.

A) Permissions
B) requirements
C) Statements
D) Code

85. Test planning should begin at the same time requirements definition starts.

A) True
B) False

86. Test objectives need to be defined and agreed upon by the test team. These objectives must be ...... and the means for measuring defined. In addition, the objectives must be prioritized.

A) executable
B) hard coded
C) planned
D) measurable

87. .........is a static test performed on a document developed by the team responsible for creating software.

A) Verification
B) Review
C) Sampling
D) validation

88. ........... are designed to indicate the start and completion date of each test.

A) Test budgets
B) Test Plan
C) Test milestones
D) None of Above

89. ......... testing attempts to show the absence of certain errors in the programming process.

A) special-value
B) Error-based
C) Value based
D) Pair testing

90. The test plan does not need to be large and complicated. In fact, the more concise and readable it is, the more useful it will be.

A) True
B) False