CSTE Certification Dumps

CSTE - Multiple Choice Questions - Set 1

1. .............. is a planned and systematic set of activities necessary to provide adequate confidence that products and services will conform to specified requirements and meet user needs.

A) Quality Assurance
B) Quality Control
C) Testing
D) All of above

2. It is not possible to have quality control without quality assurance.

A) True
B) False

3. Both quality assurance and quality control are separate and distinct from the internal audit function.

A) True
B) False

4. The Cost of Quality, includes all costs associated with the .......... of product defects

A) prevention
B) identification
C) correction
D) All of above

5. Once installed, quality assurance would measure these processes to identify weaknesses, and then correct those weaknesses to continually improve the process.

A) Estimation processes
B) Systematic processes
c) Requirements definition processes
D) Testing processes and standards

6. The following statements help differentiate quality control from quality assurance:

A) Quality control relates to a specific product or service.
B) Quality control verifies whether specific attribute(s) are in, or are not in, a specific product or service.
C) Quality control does not identifies defects for the primary purpose of correcting defects.
D) Quality control is the responsibility of the customer.

7. Most important software quality factors.

a) Correctness – Extent to which a program satisfies its specifications and fulfills the user’s mission objectives.
b) Reliability – Extent to which a program can be expected to perform its intended function with required precision.
c) Feasibility – Is it feasible to build the product.
d) Usability – Effort required learning, operating, preparing input, and interpreting output of a program.

8. Testing is NOT:

a) A stage/phase of the project
b) Just finding broken code
c) A final exam
d) Debugging

9. Variability is the "enemy" of quality – the concepts behind maturing a software development process is to reduce variability.

A) True
B) False

10. The concept of measuring and reducing variability is commonly called .....

A) Controlling Variability
B) Statistical Process Control
D) RV - Reducing Variability