Verbal Reasoning Questions-6

1. Individual is to group as Grapes is to

a) groups
b) crowd
c) bunch
d) bucket

2. Newspaper : Press :: Cloth : ?

a) boutique
b) mill
c) company
d) fibre

3. Rupee : India :: Peso : ?

a) Mexico
b) China
c) Japan
d) Brazil

4. Conscience : Wrong :: Police : ?

a) robbers
b) army
c) crime
d) wrong

5. Wax is related to Grease in the same way as Milk is related to …..

a) bread
b) curd
c) calcium
d) none of above

6. Rita is faster than Gary. Who is slower?

a) Rita
b) Gary
c) Ram

7. Ramesh is younger than Rishika. Who is older?

a) Rishika
b) Ramesh

8. Ganesh has a longer car then John. Who has a short car?

a) Ganesh
b) John

9. Geeta is not as good a cook as Mary. Who is better cook?

a) Mary
b) Geeta

10. Sarika is fairer than Susan. Who is fairer?

a) Susan
b) Sarika