Bank-PO - Odd One Out - Set 1

Bank-PO - Odd One Out - Set 1

Below are the Bank-PO - Odd One Out Questions with answers that have been asked in various Bank PO exams in the past. These Bank-PO - Odd One Out Questions will give you an idea of the type of questions asked in the Bank PO exams. You can also see other most popular series: Bank-PO - Odd One Out - Set 2.

A) Sun
B) Moon
C) Star
D) Mars
E) Universe
Bank PO 1997

A) Ear
B) Lung
C) Eye
D) Heart
E) Kidney
Bank PO 1993

A) Tailor
B) Carpenter
C) Blacksmith
D) Barber
E) Engineer
Bank PO 1996

A) Arc
B) Diagonal
C) Tangent
D) Radius
E) Diameter
Bank PO 1998

A) Tortoise
B) Duck
C) Snake
D) Whale
E) Crow
Bank PO 1997

A) Listen
B) Swim
C) Walk
D) Climb
E) Run
Bank PO 1997

A) Screw
B) Hammer
C) Needle
D) Pin
E) Nail
Bank PO 1998

A) Peak
B) Mountain
C) Hillock
D) Mound
E) Valley
Bank PO 1996

A) Carrot
B) Guava
C) Tomato
D) Pears
E) Brinjal
Bank PO 1997

A) Reader
B) Writer
C) Printer
D) Publisher
E) Reporter
Bank PO 1991


These questions have been taken from various sources like internet, Bank PO papers and book “A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning” by R S Aggarwal.