Multiple Choice Questions - AngularJS

Multiple Choice Questions - AngularJS

1. AngularJS is based on the . . . . . . pattern.


2. AngularJS applications are a mix of . . . . . .

B) HTML and CrossScript
C) HTML and AngularScript
D) HTML and JavaScript

3. We need to tell AngularJS what part of our HTML page contains the AngularJS app. You do so by adding the . . . . attribute to the root HTML element of the AngularJS app.

A) ng-app
B) ag-app
C) js-app
D) aj-app

4. There is a controller which takes single parameter. We call it . . . . . parameter.

A) $param
B) $control
C) $scope
D) $scont

5. The . . . . . . directive is one of the most fundamental directives in AngujarJS. The . . . . . directive inserts the result of an expression into the HTML template.

A) Debug
B) Interpolation
C) Matching
D) Controller

6. First the HTML document is loaded into the browser, and evaluated by the browser. At this time the AngularJS . . . . . . .

A) JavaScript file is loaded,
B) the angular global object is created,
C) your JavaScript which registers controller functions is executed,
D) all of above

7. You cannot use AngularJS directives to tell AnguluarJS how to mix the data into the HTML template.

A) True
B) False

8. If the data obtained from the model contains HTML elements, these are escaped before being inserted into the HTML template. The escaping means that the HTML is displayed as text, and not as HTML. This is done to prevent . . . .

A) SQL injection attacks
B) JS injection attacks
C) HTML injection attacks
D) Python injection attacks

9. AngularJS can show or hide HTML depending on the state of data in the model. You do so using a set of AngularJS directives such as . . . . . . which are created specifically for that purpose.

A) ng-shown, ng-hidden
B) ng-show, ng-hide
C) nt-show, nt-hide
D) ng-shows, ng-hides

10. The . . . . . directive is used if you want to add or remove HTML elements from the DOM based on data in the model.

A) ng-switch
B) ng-model
C) ng-Disabled
D) ng-Cloak


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