Conjunction Worksheet

Practice English Grammar Conjunctions with the below Conjunction worksheet. Apart from this Conjunction worksheet, you can also go through other Conjunction exercises: Conjunction exercise 1, Conjunction exercise 2.

Co-ordinating Conjunctions
A conjunction placed between words, phrases, clauses, or sentences of equal rank, e.g. and, but, or. [Via]

Correlative Conjunctions
They get their name from the fact that they work together (co-) and relate one sentence element to another. Correlative conjunctions include pairs like "both/and," "whether/or," "either/or," "neither/nor," "not/but" and "not only/but also". [Via] For example He'd rather run to school than walking.

Identify Co-ordinating Conjunctions:

1. Many women and children came to see the movie.

2. I wrote to him, but she did not respond.

3. Her condition became worse, so she was taken to nearby hospital.

4. We should hire a cab, otherwise we will not reach in time.

Identify Correlative Conjunctions:

5. She is both rich and famous.

6. Either eat or give it to your sister.

7. She can neither write nor read.

8. Samir not only drinks but smokes also.

9. Though she is rich, yet she remains unhappy.

10. She laughed so loudly that everyone was surprised.

11. Hardly had she gone out when it started snowing.

12. I do not care whether he attends the meeting or not.

13. No sooner did I reach the airport than the plane started.


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